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Best Christmas Markets in Munich

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

There is nothing more magical than experiencing a December in Munich. The city turns into a winter wonderland, with a different Christmas Market on every turn. Pack some warm winter clothes, and make lifelong memories by experiencing a Bavarian Christmas.



Where to Stay?


The Old Town of Munich and is the center of the city. This area is close to everything, with

many of the best restaurant and beer hall options. It does come with higher price tag for the

convenience of being central.

Hotel options

- Living Hotel Das Viktaulienmarkt $240 per night

- Cortiina Hotel $250 per night


Schwabing is the ‘hip area’ of Munich, with lots of bars and restaurants. Munich was a world

class public transport network, and Schwabing is only a short 15-20 minute train to any of the major sites. This also creates a cheaper option for accommodation, compared with the old-

town area.

Hotel options

- Schwarbinger Wahrheit by Geisel $150 per night

- Das Nikolai $165per night


Christmas Markets

Christkindlmarkt am Marienplatz

This is the main Christmas Market in Munich, found in the main square of the old town. A very popular market, with a great atmosphere, and the perfect start to your stay in Munich. Try to go up to the top of St Peter’s Church to get a stunning view of the market and tree all light up.

Two additional markets are often missed, but are in short walking distance from Marienplatz.

Kripperlmarkt, which has a nativity scene focus, and Rindermarkt, which is a smaller market,

with more locals and a must have drink...Feuerzangenbowl!!! (A flaming mulled wine)

Munchner Freiheit

Located in Schwabing and near the English Garden, this market has a greater focus on

handmade crafts. A great spot to pick up gifts for you or loved ones.

Chinesischer Turm

In the winter, the Chinese Tower in the English Garden turns into a Christmas Market. A great

spot to visit during the day as you are exploring the garden.

Sights to See


The Residenz is in the center of Munich and is the former royal palace of the Wittelsbach

monarchs of Bavaria. It is the largest city palace in Germany, and the interior is on par to the

grandeur of Vassielle Palace outside of Paris. As part of the entrance fee, an audio guide is

included, and expect to spend at least 2 hours to explore the interior of the palace. Additionally, during the winter months there is a Christmas Market next to the palace.


The center square of Munich and the heart of the city. Spend a day strolling the streets of the old-town, taking in the Bavarian architecture. You will find Munich’s biggest Christmas

Market – Christkindlmarkt am Marienplatz. Make sure you go at night to see the square and

Christmas tree lit up.

English Garden

Englisher Garten is one of the biggest urban parks in the world (larger than Central Park!)

Spend a morning strolling through the garden, and while the beer gardens may not be open in December, the Chinese Tower turns into Christmas Market. This garden is also home to the local surf spot! The strong current of the Eisbach River creates a small wave that attracts and endless line of surfers, performing tricks before diving into the canal to lineup again.

Victuals Market

One of my favorite spots in Munich. A local market of many food and souvenir options. Use it

as a pit stop to fill up your day bag with various meat, cheese and bread/pastries, or stop at

one of the many food stall options. Stop by the Beer Garden to enjoy a stein, bratwurst and


Nymphenburg Palace

A 30 minute tram ride from Marienplatz you will find the grand Nymphenburg Palace. The

interior is beautiful, but I would recommend using your time to see the inside of the Residenz, and explore the gardens of Nymphenburg Palace. If it is cold enough for the canal to freeze over, locals come to ice skate or play curling.


Bars and Beer Halls


While it is the most famous and touristy beer hall in Munich, it is a necessary stop. The 3-storybeer hall is always busy and can have a long wait to get in. I would suggest going early in the afternoon, when crowds are smaller, but still a great vibe.


My personal favorite beer hall in Munich. More of a local experience, and has some of the best Bavarian food offerings in Munich. While you will see the beer garden, the hall inside is huge and seats hundreds of people. Spend a night here, make some friends, and enjoy a stein or two with live music playing the soundtrack of your evening.

Pfalzer Residenz Weinstube

A good place to stop for a wine before or after visiting the Residenz. If it is not too cold, sit

outside and enjoy a glass of red while taking in the architecture of the palace.

Alte Utting

A truly unique bar experience. A decommissioned boat that was placed on a decommissioned railroad, and turned into a bar/food spot. Multiple food stalls to choose from, and live music most nights.

Holy Home

Local bar with a dive bar feel, and DJs spinning every night.



Andy’s Kablegarten

Don’t let the uninspiring interior fool you, this is necessary visit during your stay in Munich.

One of the best schnitzel’s I have had in Germany. The serving sizes are huge, so you could

always share one between two, and enjoy some of the many side options.


Similar to Andy’s, this unassuming restaurant is simple, but has some of the best currywurst

in Munich. A perfect stop to pop in on your way home, after a night of drinking at one of the

many beer halls.

Café Frischut

You will find many bakery options in Munich, and majority will be fantastic! This is worth a

stop just to try their Schmalznudel. A Bavarian style donut that is similar to a jelly donut, but

better! The line can get big here, but it moves quickly.

Wirsthaus in der au

This is where you will find the best Bavarian food overall. An extensive menu of options, great

atmosphere and live music. Come here for an authentic Bavarian experience


Day Trips

Neuschwanstein Castle

With limited daylight in winter, it will take a full day to visit Neuschwanstein, but is worth the

trip. There are many tour options available, however, if you want to do it yourself, it is easy to

navigate there. Take the train to Fussen (2 hours) and then there are many buses available to

the castle (15 minutes). Make sure pre purchase tickets.


If you are looking for a truly Bavarian Christmas Market experience, I highly suggest making a day trip out to the small medieval town of Regensburg. Considered to be the ‘Christmas-

market capital,’ the entire town is covered with four Christmas markets, each with a slightly different focus

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